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Let'sGoJeffCo is meant to be Jefferson County, Iowa‘s citizen's first stop for information and resources to improve their wellness via a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Formed by a group of concerned citizens and initially funded by a $100,000 grant from the State of Iowa, Let'sGoJeffCo is dedicated to your good health, Jefferson County!

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Mental Health Resource

A new Jefferson County Resource Directory has been developed by the Jefferson County Health Center in consort with Jefferson County Mental Health and Wellness Alliance (JCMHWA).

Hunger Dialogue - Jefferson County

A Hunger Dialogue has been initiated in Jefferson County, Iowa. We have set up a resources page on hunger and poverty.

Blue Zones Celebration

Fairfield BZ Certified

Video to celebrate Fairfield as a Blue Zones City.


Blue Zone Project

Fairfield as a Blue Zone, of course we will be, and you can help:

Go to http://www.bluezonesproject.com/ and register as a citizen.



What's New

Mental Health

Jefferson County wants to be the healthiest rural county in Iowa and mental health is a key component of that plan. Let's Go Jeff Co is working closely with two new organizations to improve the mental health of all county residents;the Jefferson County Mental Health and Wellness Alliance (JCMHWA) and Jefferson County Health Center. We have jointly set up an online resource to share mental health resources.

JeffCoWac Rebrand

Let'sGoJeffCo was formerly known as the Jefferson County Wellness Action Coaltion (JeffCoWac) and has been recently rebranded as "Let'sGoJeffCo" with the tagline - It's never too late to feel great!

Ambassador's Program Announced

At a meeting in the new HyVee Store in Fairfield, IA, the Let'sGoJeffCo Health and Wellness Ambassador's Program was announced.

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Let'sGoJeffCo is a clearinghouse of health and wellness resources:

  • Local
  • State of Iowa
  • and, National Resources


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What's an Ambassador?

A Let’sGoJeffCo Wellness Ambassador is a person who is passionate about health and wellness, wants to be an active participant, and is willing to spread the word among their friends, neighbors, and co-workers in the community. Do you have what it takes?

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