About Us


Let'sGoJeffCo is developing a countywide wellness initiative by building local capacity to address wellness issues, gathering baseline information, and coordinating projects targeting nutrition, physical activity and tobacco use prevention. 

Initial Goals:

  1. Outreach Education, Coalition Building and Policy Shift
  2. Establish Baseline Data on the Jefferson County Population
  3. Establish a County Level Database of Resources
  4. Complete Phase 2 of the JeffCo Future Fitness Program
  5. Complete Final Section of Fairfield Loop Trail for General Public with an Emphasis on Limited Mobility Participants and Development of Health Providers Trail Education Program
  6. Decrease Tobacco Use in Residents of Jefferson County Using Comprehensive Tobacco Cessation Programs
  7. Increase Effectiveness of School Wellness Programs in Jefferson County
  8. Continuation of Farm Safety Day Camp Program
  9. Development and Implementation of a Preschool Nutrition Education Program
  10. Incorporate Locally Produced Food Into School Lunch Programs

Steering Committee:

  • Debbie Arnold
  • Ron Blair
  • Raul Calderon
  • Mark Cohen
  • Ken Daley
  • Chris Estle
  • Bob Feguson
  • Michael Halley
  • Natalie Horras
  • Dave Neff
  • John Revolinski
  • Dee Sandquist
  • Terry Smith
  • Erick Zamora

How to...

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  • Fill out the Contact Us Form from the menu above
  • Reach out to Ken Daley - kdaley@lisco.com
  • Contact any Steering Committee Member from the list on the left